I feel like I should be paid to take care of myself.

like. I haven’t felt 100% for a while now, and I’m over here taking care of other people’s problems and getting paid to do that. it doesn’t make me feel good. when I exercise and think about my own life and things that’ll make me smile, that’s what makes me feel good.

I feel like that should be my job and that if that’s what I need to do right now, it should be okay for me to do that.

but nope. if I don’t make money, how will I survive


be real with yourself, even if that means u corny and ur a fuckin weirdo but u kno what if thats what u r (corny and a weirdo) then u gotta live with it and not only that u gotta embrace it and u gotta love that about urself u kno what i’m saying!! fuck that shit bru u corny and u a weirdo but why is that bad??? and if it is bad there’s also good in it and u gotta acknowledge that!!! real talk